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  Writing an essay on James Joyce? Trying to explicate a particular theme in Joyce's Dubliners or, perhaps his Portrait of The Artist As A Young Man? This site lists dozens of examples of essays, papers and reports designed to help you understand and critique the works of James Joyce! To begin your search, simply click the "essay list" button above. If you find so many essays of interest that you simply cannot determine which one is "right" for you, email us and we'll send you FREE, one page excerpts from ANY report(s) you request! And if you can't find anything pertinent to your topic at all, just use the "custom help" button to have our talented team of contractors add a NEW essay on ANY topic YOU specify. We're open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week--- ready to provide you with an example that will help you go on to write your own essay!
    James Joyce wrote Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man-- his first real novel -- during a pivotal time in Irish history. Ireland, nominally considered a part of Britain, nonetheless suffered fierce discrimination at the hands of the English. In addition, the Irish people struggled against any loss of their distinctive national character; their religion was Roman Catholic rather than Anglican, and many Irishmen considered the presence of British troops and officials in their land nothing short of occupation. These turbulent times led to the creation of some rather distinctive novels and yet, it remains difficult for contemporary students to understand the significance of this backdrop when considering all that has transpired since then. And that is where THIS site comes through -- with help for today's college students...struggling to grasp the meaning of this unique authors' works...

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